It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you all to our school website for this school year. This website will serve us our channel of communication. Through this, we would ensure you get updated of the school’s upcoming events, academic calendars, and other significant activities. As it is a product of love and commitment to our learners and stake holders, everything you see here would only be something valuable and to your benefit.

         The Mataas na Paaralang Neptali A. Gonzales (MPNAG) is a prime secondary school in Mandaluyong. It offers quality education to Mandaleño learners whom we regard as the hope of the nation.  With that in mind, my heart seeks to continue building a school environment where students feel safe, comfortable, motivated, guided, and loved whether they are with us physically or just studying from home.

         Blessed with committed faculty, responsible non-teaching personnel, improved facilities and spacious area, it is no doubt that MPNAG will unceasingly offer better school environment to outstanding potential learners. Moreover, the school is fortunate that receives full support from our government and stakeholders. With these reasons I felt more motivated to continue to be of great service to our learners.  The school is ready to reach them all. Thus, we have this website to stand true to the vision that “Lahat dapat  kasali, Lahat kasama sa bilang”.

         This school year may be far different from other school years for we faced great paradigm shifts that greatly changed our way of life. It brought us to embrace the New Normal that certainly changed our culture, economics, politics, religion, society and education. The once tradition and system is no longer acceptable and valid.  Despite of it, education must continue. It need not stop, much more slows down and be complacent. The more we need to do great, the more we need to be at our best, the more we need to be excellent!

         The change calls for our unified strength and purposive actions to secure our children’s future. Let us work together and be one for our students whose lives matter the most, figuratively and literally.

         Cheers for this website as we shout basta MPNAG de Kalidad!.


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